Krista Klein Newsletter Edition #57 (Cypress Mountain Season Pass deal and Why the New First Time Buyer Program is Not a Good Deal)

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Sept 2019 Abbotsford Attached
Sept 2019 Abbotsford Detached
Sept 2019 Burnaby Attached
Sept 2019 Burnaby Detached
Sept 2019 Chilliwack Detached
Sept 2019 Commercial
Sept 2019 Coquitlam Attached
Sept 2019 Land
Sept 2019 Langley Attached
Sept 2019 Langley Detached
Sept 2019 Maple Ridge Attached
Sept 2019 Maple Ridge Detached
Sept 2019 Mission Detached
Sept 2019 Multifamily
Sept 2019 New West Attached
Sept 2019 New West Detached
Sept 2019 North Van Attached
Sept 2019 North Van Detached
Sept 2019 Okanagan
Sept 2019 Port Coquitlam Attached
Sept 2019 Port Coquitlam Detached
Sept 2019 Richmond Attached
Sept 2019 Richmond Detached
Sept 2019 Shuswap
Sept 2019 Surrey Attached
Sept 2019 Surrey Detached
Sept 2019 Vancouver Attached
Sept 2019 Vancouver Detached
Sept 2019 West Van Attached
Sept 2019 West Van Detached

Above is a list of foreclosures in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

There are some great deals to be had for either your own home or as a rental property. 

Check them out at the links above.

First Time Home Buyer Incentive Program


On September 2nd, the Government of Canada launched a new program to help first-time home buyers to lower mortgage costs. The new $1.25-billion incentive program would allow prospective buyers to apply for an interest-free loan from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Here's a ton of info on the new program.

An Eligibility Calculator to test and evaluate different financial scenarios and view their impact on mortgage payments.

Product Highlight Sheet (PDF) including a summary of key program details in a format that is easy to download, print and share.

Journey Map breaking down the application process step by step.

An Application Process diagram (PDF) showing the interactions between all of the parties involved. (Available on desktop only).

The government would share in the equity in the property.  If the government gave 5% of the purchase price, they would need to receive 5% of the sale when it is sold.  This is great if the price goes down, but in a city like Vancouver, where prices have been consistently going up, that could equal a lot of money.  They don't want back the original 5% of the purchase price, they want back 5% of the value when it is sold.  

I took a DNA test and Discovered New Family!


I took a DNA test and connected with a 2nd cousin. The coolest part is she had traced my mother's side family tree all the way back to the 18th century in Hungary. She also sent me some pictures I have never seen before. 

This is a picture of my great grandfather and other family members on the steam threshing machine. 

2019/2020 DISCOUNTED Cypress Mountain n Season Pass (Ski, snowboard, nordic)


Can you believe it?!? It is almost the start of the 2019/2020season!

Save up to $170 on a seasons pass!

The Cypress Mountain Season DISCOUNTED pass is back! If you ski, snowboard, and/or cross country ski. This deal is for you!

First: How to purchase:

Username: vansports
Password: FIRSTSUN20

G8 Pass - Full Season Pass (no restrictions) -

Adult $629
Youth $399
Senior $309
Child $219
Scooter $40

Silver Pass (Restrictions)

Adult $349
Youth $259
Senior $219
Child $99
Scooter $34

Cross Country

Adult $259
Youth $149
Senior $149
Child $129
Scooter $34

NiteTimer $149
Snowshoe Pass $89
Tubing Pass $49

Offer ends Oct 4, 2019

Please share with your friends and family!



My brother Robert Klein found this 1967 cartoon titled "Scrooge McDuck and Money" that teaches children (and the adults watching with the kids) how money works.

Watch the video.

Just found out from the video that the word salary comes from the Latin root word salarium. It means the amount of money given to a Roman soldier to buy salt.

Money is neutral. It is neither good or bad.

Money, Finances, Budgeting, Planning is no longer taught in schools.

As a result of insufficient education, money is one of the most misunderstood tools today and yet it is something we use every day.

Walt Disney thought educating people about money was so important that he created a cartoon movie about it. 

This is just a start, to get your attention and your interest.

A great follow up to learn about money is Robert Kiyosaki's book "Cash Flow Quadrant".

If you don't like reading, this 12-minute video summarizes the highlights.

Krista Klein Newsletter August 2019 Edition #56 Weddings, Banff and Mortgage Renewals!

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List of Current August Foreclosures


burnaby north attached
tsawwassen attached
vancouver east attached
west van attached
coquitlam attached
new west attached
van west attached
maple ridge attached
port coquitlam attached
pitt meadows detached
port coquitlam detached
tsawwassen detached
burnaby south detached
burnaby north detached
north van detached
van west
richmond detached
van east detached
west van detached

Happy August everyone! Here is this month's list of foreclosures.

Is your Mortgage up for Renewal?


Much of my time is spent helping borrowers switch lenders or renew their mortgages with super low rates. It continues to surprise me that their current lender does not even try to compete, believing that the borrower will not shop around.

In many cases, I have been able to beat their rates by .30% to .50%

This is HUGE!

If you are up for renewal, call me! 604-618-2017

I look forward to hearing from you!


Please be so kind to email me your... 

*** Mortgage Renewal Date *** 

Lately I have been able to help several clients reduce payments, lower their interest expense and negotiate better mortgage renewal terms as I was aware of this date! 

Please email it back to me so I can help you!  Do not worry if it is long in the future!

I Got Married!


I definitely had a busy summer. I got married end of June and enjoyed 5-weeks of having family in town.

I was so lucky a huge Navy ship came into port and allowed myself and the wedding party to take pictures on the ship. Does anyone notice the huge gun? 

Nostalgic/Sentimental Vancouver (Pictures)


This is my new favorite Facebook group! The members post some of the most incredible pictures of Vancouver. Definitely check it out!

Banff with my Surf Squad


I spent the weekend in Banff, Alberta with my Costa Rica Surf Squad. We came together at a surf yoga retreat back in February and became instantly good friends. My friend invited everyone to spend the weekend with her in Banff. 

One thing you learn quickly about Hiking Banff is parking lots fill up first thing in the morning. To get parking at Lake Louise, we got up at 4:30am and was out of the house by 5am. We got to Lake Lousie just in time to get parking.

It was so incredible to watch the sunrise. 

One thing for sure, getting up super early to Hike Lake Louise was absolutely worth it!

Krista Klein Newsletter June 2019 Edition #54 What Cher Taught me, My Dream Livingroom, & Mortgage Renewals

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Foreclosure Opportunities!


June 2019 Abbotsford Attached
June 2019 Abbotsford Detached
June 2019 Burnaby Attached
June 2019 Burnaby Detached
June 2019 Chilliwack Attached
June 2019 Chilliwack Detached
June 2019 Commercial
June 2019 Coquitlam Attached
June 2019 Coquitlam Detached
June 2019 Hope Detached
June 2019 Land
June 2019 Langley Attached
June 2019 Langley Detached
June 2019 Maple Ridge Attached
June 2019 Maple Ridge Detached
June 2019 Mission Detached
June 2019 Multi-Family
June 2019 New Westminster Attached
June 2019 North Vancouver Detached
June 2019 Pitt Meadows Detached
June 2019 Port Coquitlam Attached
June 2019 Port Coquitlam Detached
June 2019 Richmond Attached
June 2019 Richmond Detached
June 2019 Squamish Attached
June 2019 Surrey Attached
June 2019 Surrey Detached
June 2019 Vancouver Attached
June 2019 Vancouver Detached
June 2019 West Vancouver Detached
June 2019 Whistler Attached

Above is a list of foreclosures in the Lower Mainland.

There are some great deals to be had for either your own home or as a rental property. 

Check them out at the links above.

Is your Mortgage up for Renewal?


I have been spending alot of my time helping clients switch lender and renew into super low rates. I have been surprised to see what their current lender is offering them. I have been able to beat the rate by .30% - .50%. 


Their existing lender can't even touch this and didn't even try to compete. 

If you are up for renewal,  CALL ME. Let's see what I can do for you!

Mortgage Questions? Lets Chat!


Here my contact details! If you prefer, you can book a 20 minute phone appointment anytime.  I'd love to chat and help whenever I can!

Book a 20-minute call with Krista

I look forward to connecting with you!

Cher Still Has It!


I took my parents and my sister-in-law to the Cher concert! There is nothing like seeing an icon on stage and crushing it at the young age of 73. 

What I learned from Cher: 

1. Yes to wigs

2. Sequins can be worn just because

3. Bell bottom sequins is a yes

4. Be like Cher

5. Crush life and do what makes you happy

Fixed Rates Have Dropped - Now is the Time to Refinance!


Fixed Mortgage Rates have dropped significantly over the last 6 months - by over 0.7% just since the New Year!  This means that refinancing is even more affordable and now is a great time to explore options for borrowing additional funds. 

If you've been wanting to do some home renovations, get rid of high-interest credit card debt or take care of other expenses like post-secondary education for the kids, the wait is over. 

When restructuring a mortgage, we can often blend the new funds required right into the current mortgage, meaning that the dreaded penalty is avoided. 

If you or someone you know would like to benefit from today's low-interest rates, give me a call today at 604-618-2017.

I Always Wanted the 'Friends' Livingroom!


IKEA does it again. IKEA Recreates The Famous Living Rooms From The Simpsons, Friends And Stranger Things with their products. 

If you ever wanted to have the 'Friends' living room, IKEA has made it easy to recreate with their product line.

Thinking of scaring your friends, why not re-create your living room into Stranger Things. I know that would make me cringe if I was invited over. 

Or better yet, the Simspons? All you need to complete this look is Duff beer and balding middle age man to sit on your couch. 

What living room have you always dreamed to have? 

Check out the article here Click here

Krista Klein Newsletter March 2019 Surfing Costa Rica, Speculation Tax Deadline, and Lenders with NO Stress Test!

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NDPs Major Tax Grab is Coming up!


The speculation tax deadline is coming up! Or some people refer to it as NDPs major tax grab! 

If you own a primary residence, rental property, vacation home and/or on the title of ANY 'residential' property that is located within the geographic areas that have been blessed with this tax, you have until MARCH 31 to declare.  

If you do not declare, you will be taxed. 

If you are not sure your property is affected by this tax, triple check here: Affected Areas

Note: everyone on title MUST make a separate declaration. This means, if a house is owned by a husband and wife, they must make 2-declarations. If this couple has added their son and daughter to the title, 4-declarations have to be made. 

If you have not received your declaration form in the mail, please call 1 (833) 554-2323. 

To learn more how to declare or to file for an exemption click here



Mar 2019 Abbotsford Detached
Mar 2019 Abbotsford Attached
Mar 2019 Burnaby Attached
Mar 2019 Chilliwack Detached
Mar 2019 Commercial
Mar 2019 Coquitlam Attached
Mar 2019 Langley Detached
Mar 2019 Langley Attached
Mar 2019 Land
Mar 2019 Maple Ridge Detached
Mar 2019 Multifamily
Mar 2019 New Westminster Detached
Mar 2019 New Westminster Attached
Mar 2019 North Vancouver Detached
Mar 2019 Pitt Meadows Detached
Mar 2019 Port Coquitlam Detached
Mar 2019 Port Moody Detached
Mar 2019 Richmond Detached
Mar 2019 Richmond Attached
Mar 2019 Squamish Detached
Mar 2019 Surrey Detached
Mar 2019 Surrey Attached
Mar 2019 Vancouver Attached
Mar 2019 Vancouver Detached
Mar 2019 West Vancouver Attached
Mar 2019 West Vancouver Detached

Above is a list of foreclosures in the Lower Mainland.

There are some great deals to be had for either your own home or as a rental property.

If you decide to go this route, I recommend working with a realtor who is well versed with the foreclosure process. 

Spring Forward


Good news: SPRING is almost here

Bad news: we lose 1 hour of sleep 

I am a SURFER now!


I spent the week it snowed in Vancouver, surfing in Costa Rica. I have been surfing a handful of times over the last 10+ years but this was the first time I actually felt like a true surfer. We spent 3 days with surf instructors and I had the greatest time ever. It felt so good to challenge myself by learning a new sport. When I caught my first wave and rode it all the way to the beach, I was beyond ecstatic! 

I have absolutely fallen in love with surfing and I am already thinking about how I can get back on a surfboard. 

Did you know there are lenders with NO Stress Test?




This is the major BUZZ words around mortgage financing and how hard it is to qualify. 

BUT....did you know there are still lenders who have not implemented the stress test? 

I was asked by a realtor (Angie Kirk) to put together a mortgage feature sheet for her listing. The house is an awesome character home located in Mount Pleasent at 610 E 13th Ave. Vancouver, BC. 

Usually, when you see mortgage see a blast of rates.  I decided to showcase what income you would need to qualify with a lender who has a stress test, no stress test, and no stress test with basement suite income. 

For max financing for this property, the min income to qualify with a stress test lender is $239,834. 

With a lender with no stress test with basement suite income, the min income to qualify is $166,634. 

This definitely makes life a little easier to qualify. 

Check out my mortgage sheet above! 

30 Terrible Pictures Taken by Realtors


If you are interested in a good laugh, Bored Panda compiled this article of 30 Terrible Pictures Taken by Realtors. I literally laughed so hard I had to share it with you! The comments are amazing. 

Click here

Krista Klein January 2019 Mortgage Newsletter Edition #52 (The Force is Strong with this one & 2019 BC Assessments are out)

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Jan 2019 Burnaby Attached
Jan 2019 Burnaby Detached
Jan 2019 Chilliwack Detached
Jan 2019 Commercial
Jan 2019 Coquitlam Attached
Jan 2019 Delta Detached
Jan 2019 Land
Jan 2019 Langley Attached
Jan 2019 Langley Detached
Jan 2019 Maple Ridge Attached
Jan 2019 Maple Ridge Detached
Jan 2019 Mission Detached
Jan 2019 Multifamily
Jan 2019 New Westminster Attached
Jan 2019 Pitt Meadows Detached
Jan 2019 Richmond Attached
Jan 2019 Richmond Detached
Jan 2019 Squamish Detached
Jan 2019 Surrey Attached
Jan 2019 Surrey Detached
Jan 2019 Vancouver Attached
Jan 2019 Vancouver Detached
Jan 2019 West Vancouver Detached

Above is a list of foreclosures in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

There are some great deals to be had for either your own home or as a rental property. 

Check them out at the links above.

Vintage Kitchens from the 1960s


I had to share this with you! I wish kitchens looked like this now. I would totally go for the bright pink kitchen. Which one is your favorite? 

Click Here: for the full article

The force is strong with this one!


SO.......I am not quitting my day job anytime soon. I was invited to a gingerbread making party and decided to turn my cookie into Yoda. I was happy how it kind of looks like Yoda but I don't think anyone will ever hire me to make a dozen of them. 

2019 BC Assessments are out!


BC Assessment is out! To check out your tax assessment value Click Here

Things to remember: 

1. This is not the true value of your property

2. You have until Jan 31, 2019 to dispute this value

3. Assessments are as of July 31, 2018, and do not factor in the last 6 month of real estate data

Did your value increase or decrease? 

My nieces first Christmas


I spent my holiday season with my family in Mill Bay which is located on Vancouver Island. I was so happy to be able to spend a few days in a row with my niece and nephew. For crazy times, I spend time with my nephew. For chill, relaxing times, I  spend time with Sarah. 

Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Guide to Your Best Year Ever


The 5-Step Plan to an Extraordinary Year

Transforming into the person you want to be in 2019 is not difficult so long as you have the dedication, focus and correct tools at your disposal. But you should always remember to set your sights on something within reason.

Most people overestimate what they’re going to do in a year, and they underestimate what they can do in a decade, or two or three or four.

Follow this roadmap to begin crafting the best year of your life.

1. Feed your mind.

Feeding your mind is all about perspective. You’ve got to bring something new to it otherwise, you’re going to keep operating off the same old beliefs, the same old thoughts, the same old emotions that have not gotten you to the level you want. Don’t just hope things will go the way you want. Condition yourself to believe that they will.

Feeding your mind is all about perspective. You’ve got to bring something new to it.

2. Strengthen your body.

Strengthening one’s mind is crucial. But equally important is strengthening one’s body.   

Go on a sprint. Go lift some really heavy weights. Go on a really long walk. Priming your physical self can set the stage for the change you want to see mentally or emotionally. You’re going to get depressed if you drop your shoulders, drop your head, speak slowly and think about what you’re afraid of. But if you go for a really intense run, music blaring and heart pumping, your body and mind will both be energized and clear, and you’ll be able to better focus on what you want.

3. Find a great role model.

If you want the best year of your life, you need to decide to find a great role model who is already getting the results you want. You don’t want to just try to do it yourself.

4. Take massive action.

This step is simple: Make a huge step forward. Build your company’s website. Reach out to a prospective investor. Talk with your spouse about couples counseling. Plan that grand vacation for your family you think will bring everyone together.

But you must remember to be flexible and alter your course if necessary. To really demonstrate the importance of this point, Robbins often shares the same metaphor. Let’s say your goal was to see a sunset, and you began by running east.

“I don’t care how positive you are, I don’t care how enthusiastic you are, it’s not gonna happen—you have the wrong strategy,”

5. Get outside of yourself.

Instead of focusing 100 percent on your goals and what you want to achieve, you must also find a way to add value to others. As corny as it sounds, the spirit of living is giving, and it’s what makes us alive. This will have two primary impacts:

No. 1, your problems will lessen in intensity.

No. 2, your life will have more meaning.

Life is not about me; life’s about we. So it’s not just growing, it’s growing and contributing beyond yourself that makes your life meaningful.

Embrace Uncertainty

One of the most important things you can do to make 2019 your best year yet is become comfortable with uncertainty. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with. Because if you want to be certain about everything every moment, then you can’t do something new, you can’t grow.

Our brains were designed to assess and combat risk, and fight or flight when necessary. But we are more than our minds. We’re our heart, we’re our soul, we’re our spirit.

And if everything in life were certain, life wouldn’t be worth living. We all want certainty so bad. But if you’re totally certain every moment, what’s going to happen? You’d be bored. So we need uncertainty. We need a lot of it.

Krista Klein December 2018 Mortgage Newsletter Edition #51 (Celebrating 10 years of Being a Mortgage Broker)

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December 2018


Dec 2018 Langley Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Burnaby Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Burnaby Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Chilliwack Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 New Westminster Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Langley Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Richmond Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Pitt Maple Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Richmond Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Pitt Maple Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Whiterock Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Surrey Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Richmond Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Vancouver Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 West Vancouver Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 Vancouver Foreclosure Attached
Dec 2018 Surrey Foreclosure Detached
Dec 2018 TriCity Foreclosure Attached

This Town In Canada Is Selling Huge Plots Of Land For Only $1


The first thing I think of when I see articles like this is, "there has to be a catch"? And.....there is one. This town is selling large lots for $1. The catch, you have to build a house on it. 

Still......a very good deal to offset the costs of building your dream home. 

Read the full article Here

Mortgage Up for renewal in 2019?


If your mortgage is up for renewal in 2019 please ask for a 2nd opinion. Your mortgage lender does not always automatically give you the 'best' rate and count on you blindly signing. 

Quick tip: the bank's goal is to make money off you. 

If you are up for renewal, please call me to discuss if there are any better mortgage options available to you. I can always be reached at 604-618-2017 

10 Years of Being a Mortgage Broker


I am celebrating 10 years of being a Mortgage Broker. I can not believe how time flies. To celebrate, I updated my headshots and purchased myself a very fancy pen. 

Commercial Mastery Course


I recently spent the full weekend learning fine tuning my mortgage skills. There is nothing like hanging out with fellow mortgage geeks discussing and learning interesting financing options! 

Christmas Activities


Going to be checking some of these out with the kids.  I linked the sites that have the most relevant info about the events.  Hope you find these helpful!

VanDusen Festival of Lights

FlyOver Canada

Vancouver Christmas Market

Glow Christmas

Holiday Heights at Bloedel

Lights at Lafarge

Christmas at the Cannery

Christmas at Burnaby Village

Bright Nights at Stanley Park

Christmas at Canada Place

Ice Skating at Robson Square

Aurora Light Show

 Polar Express

Krista Klein November 2018 Mortgage Newsletter Edition #50

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Foreclosure List for November 2018


attached Burnaby
Attached Coquitlam
Attached Cloverdale
Attached North Surrey
Attached Maple Ridge
Attached Sardis
Attached Richmond
Attached Langley
Attached Vancouver East
Attached New West
Detached Burnaby
Detached Agassiz
Detached Maple Ridge
Detached Langley
Detached North Surrey
Detached Cultus Lake
Detached Pitt Meadows
Detached North Vancouver
Detached North Delta
Detached Richmond

I found it interesting to go through the foreclosure lists this time. We are seeing some potential development land up for grabs in Burnaby, beautiful home mid-construction in East Vancouver and multiple units in new buildings that the developer wasn't able to sell.

If you are interested in any other area not listed, please reach out. I only put up the lists to areas closer to Vancouver. 

Do You Own a Pre-Sale?


If you purchased a pre-sale before Nov 2016, you can still qualify with the old rules. This means, NO STRESS TEST. Yep, you heard me right. 

Not every lender is doing this but there are still some that are.  Contact me today and let's get you approved now! Krista 604-618-2017

My Nephew and I


How many pictures do you think it takes to get one good one with a 3.5 year old? It appears on average I take a minimum of 5 pictures to get 1 good one. 

I was lucky enough to catch this super cute moment where he appears to adore me. 

Star Trek House for Sale! Anyone Want to go in on it with me?


If you know me.....I love Star Trek especially anything related to Star Trek The Next Generation. 

This house is for sale for a cool 5.7million USD and is located in Malibu! It was featured in Star Trek The Next Generation Season 3 Episode "The Survivors". Specifically Star Date 43152.4 (Seriously....look it up here Stardate)

The house still looks like it is from the future! For the full article, check it out here: Click Here

Krista Klein Mortgage Newsletter Edition #49 INCLUDES Cypress Mountain Season Pass Discount

Krista Klein - Mortgage Broker

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Cypress Mountain 2018/2019 Season Pass DISCOUNT - Deadline- Oct 4, 2018


The Cypress Mountian Discounted Season Passes are back! Deadline to purchase is October 4. The price offered to this group is WAYYY cheaper than purchasing directly from Cypress.

How to purchase:

Username: vansports
Password: FIRSTSUN19

The deal:

G8 - Unlimited Pass
Adult - $619
Youth -$389
Child - $239
Senior - $309
Scooter- $40

Silver - some exclusions
Adult - $319
Student - $287
Youth -$239
Child - $79
Senior - $199
Scooter- $34

Cross Country
Adult - $229
Youth -$139
Child - $109
Senior - $139
Scooter- $40

Starlite Nitetimer - $139
Snowshoe - $79

And......There are some awesome extras you can sign up for.

RENT full equipment for the season $149

Downhill Plus - can be added to G8 and Silver pass $49

Vancouver Home Sales are at a Six-Year Low, and Now is the Time to Buy


I wanted to share this article with you! If you have been sitting on the fence or just wanted to be able to get on the fence, apparently now is a great time to purchase a signal family house in the Lower Mainland. 

If you are interested to know if this move makes sense for you, let's start the conversation as you never know what is possible! 

Click here for the article Vancouver home sales are at a six-year low, and now is the time to buy

Hiking Larch Valley in Banff National Park


This past weekend, I went to Alberta and spent the weekend in the Rockies. I invested in proper hiking boots, waterproof pants and all the base layers one would need for the cold temperatures. 

My friend planned a hike into Larch Valley near Lake Morraine to see the Larch trees turning a hue of golden yellow. The hike itself was a few hours up a switchback to the tree line. If you do not know what a treeline is, it is the point where a tree won't grow. 

Overall, the weather was great. We received a light dusting of snow but nothing to keep us trekking along the path. 

The hike is very popular this time of year and the parking lot filled up insanely fast. We left at 5:30am and arrived at Lake Moraine at 6:45am. The time we got there, the parking lot was almost completely filled up and we were lucky to get one. 

Check out details of this hike here.

Homeowners Feeling the Sting of Rising Interest Rates


An increase in household debt levels added to the recent hikes in interest rates means that many homeowners are starting to feel a financial “sting.”

In its nationwide WealthScapes 2018 report, the researchers found that the effects of rising interest rates were particularly acute in Metro Vancouver, where the average household incurred an additional $1,152 in interest charges in 2017.

That is more than double the Canadian national average, which was an increase in interest charges of $544, compared with the year before. Overall, said the report, Canadians paid $9 billion more in interest charges in 2017 than they did in 2016. 

Read More

Sound Familiar? Get Pre-Approved Now!


Krista Klein Mortgage Newsletter September Edition #48

Krista Klein - Mortgage Broker

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604 618 2017

Krista - Facebook Krista - Twitter



Sept 2018 Burnaby Attached
Sept 2018 Burnaby Detached
Sept 2018 Chilliwack Detached
Sept 2018 Commercial
Sept 2018 Coquitlam Attached
Sept 2018 Coquitlam Detached
Sept 2018 Delta Attached
Sept 2018 Delta Detached
Sept 2018 Land
Sept 2018 Langley Attached
Sept 2018 Langley Detached
Sept 2018 Maple Ridge Attached
Sept 2018 Maple Ridge Detached
Sept 2018 Pitt Meadows Detached
Sept 2018 Richmond Attached
Sept 2018 Richmond Detached
Sept 2018 Squamish Detached
Sept 2018 Surrey Attached
Sept 2018 Surrey Detached
Sept 2018 Tsawwassen Detached
Sept 2018 Vancouver Attached
Sept 2018 Vancouver Detached
Sept 2018 West Vancouver Detached
Sept 2018 Whistler Attached

Find me online!


My goal for the fall season to become more active on social media. When I say more active, I mean creating content vs watching cat videos.

Help me become more active by following me here: 




My webpage:

Hanging with my Uncle at the BC Lions game


My uncle came to town for a few days from Edmonton and it was nice to be able to spend some time with him. I took him to the BC Lions Game Vs Saskatchewan Roughriders game. Our seats were so close to the field it felt like we were practically on top of it. 

All the Smiles!


I loved spending some time with my niece. She is almost 6months old and the happiest baby I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is all the smiles, all the time! 

Mortgage Renewing in 2018?


Canada's major banks announced that over 50% of all mortgages in Canada will be coming up for renewal in 2018. Are you one of them? 

Your mortgage maturity is a fantastic opportunity to get various banks and lenders competing for your mortgage business again! We just saved our client about $150 per month, and got her a product with a couple extra tailor-made features just because she asked what our thoughts were about the offer presented by her existing lender.

If you or someone you know has a mortgage coming up for renewal, kindly have them call or email us today. At the very least, they'll get confirmation that they are in the best product available.

Fixed Vs Variable- An Age Old Debate, But Why?


My mortgage broker colleague Dustan Woodhouse explains the two bets one makes when opting for a fixed rate product.  Few people understand the second bet they are making, which is a big reason why the banks make $1B every 90 days.

Click Here to Learn More

Krista Klein Mortgage Newsletter May 2018 Edition #47 (Roller Disco Queen, My Personal Mortgage Renewal Story, Variable Rate War)

Krista Klein - Mortgage Broker

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May 2018 Foreclosure List


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May 2018 - Richmond - Detached
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May 2018 - Sunshine Coast - Detached
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My Personal Mortgage Renewal Story


My sister and I own a rental property together and my mortgage was up for renewal on May 8. We are planning on selling our property so the last thing I want to do is renew into a fixed term where I will be forced to pay a penalty to sell.

As I am in the mortgage business, I started phoning RBC for my renewal papers. It's a few weeks to the date and I want to be on top of it. They send the renewal papers 30days before your time is up so you are at mercy of Canada Post to receive the mail. 

I phoned RBC the first time and asked them what my OPEN mortgage options would be. They quoted me 7.25% FIXED OPEN. The sales representative did say it in a very nice way that I almost thought it sounded good. 

Think about it. 7.25% Fixed OPEN. My current rate is 2.89%. Existing rates are mid 3s.

This means......If I did not call them and I missed my renewal paperwork....they would have automatically switched me over to this product. 

So what now? I still want an OPEN mortgage at a way better rate? 

I have a HOMELINE product. This means I can restructure my entire mortgage into a Line of Credit at Prime +0.50%. (3.95%). This product option is not on my renewal term. I have to know that I can ask for it. 

The 2nd time I phone RBC Servicing, I speak with someone who knows this might be possible but I have to go to the branch. We make our appointment and we show up to do re-allocate my homeline. 

The person I met with was lovely but not sure how to do what I have requested. Now....remember. I am a mortgage broker and in the business so I am coaching her through what this means. 

Out of the next door office, an RBC mortgage specialist I have worked with in the past pops out and says, "Hey Krista, Do you remember me"? I was so happy to see her and she ended up helping the sales staff with my homeline re-allocation. 

If I did not know what was possible with my mortgage renewal, I would of been stuck in a 7.25% OPEN mortgage or worst took a lower fixed rate without understanding mortgage penalties. 

If you are up for renewal, CALL ME. I will be help you find a new better mortgage or coach you on how to work with your existing lender. 

Foo Fighters and the Kiss Guy


I love ROCK! I love Music! And....I love a great show! This video of Dave Grohl bringing up a guy from the crowd left me in awe. Can you imagine receiving an opportunity like this and nailing it! 

I wish I was at this show to witness it. Foo Fighters and the Kiss Guy

Look at me! I'm in London!


And.....this is what all my pictures look like when I travel. 

I am about to walk over Tower Bridge for the first time and I am SUPER PUMPED! 

Market Update -The Rate Wars Are ON! But Hurry, They Won't Last Long


The media has been blowing up with news that many of the major lenders are locked in a variable rate battle to the bottom.  Lenders are currently offering variable rate discounts that rival anything we have ever seen before with average rates is being offered as low as 2.45%! 

If you are currently in a variable rate that has a smaller discount than 0.5% off Prime, now would be a great time to explore refinancing!  These rates are being offered only until May 31st, so reach us right away if you are wishing to explore your options.

 It is also notable that the benchmark qualifying rate has increased from 5.14% to 5.34%.  This is significant because it is the interest rate used to qualify mortgages under the new B20 rules and a higher qualifying rate means less borrowing power for applicants.

 The Bank of Canada will be meeting again on May 30th, we will be sure to update you of any changes.

If you think you may qualify to take advantage of this short term Rate War, be sure to call us right away, email me at and we will start working on your rate hold! 

Roller Disco is Alive!


When was the last time you attended a Roller Disco?

The store RollerGirl hosted a Roller Disco at Robson Square to celebrate their 15th year in business. Major roller skating talent showed up at the rink that night and I was in awe of their roller skating moves. 

I was so happy to be able to pull out my snazzy roller skates out of the closet. YEP....they are original. Any excuse to wear them. 

Check out for all your skate needs. They even offer roller skating classes.