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Court Ordered/ Foreclosures list - August 2016


July 2016 - Burnaby - Attached
July 2016 - Coquitlam - Attached
July 2016 - Coquitlam - Detached
July 2016 - Maple Ridge - Attached
July 2016 - Maple Ridge - Detached
July 2016 - Richmond - Attached
July 2016 - Sunshine Coast - Detached
July 2016 - Vancouver East - Attached
July 2016 - Vancouver West - Attached
July 2016 - Vancouver West - Detached
July 2016 - White Rock - Detached

This month's list remains low overall but I feel we will see an increase in the next few months due to the current slow down. 

Call me to discuss. 

Peak Of the Market Line of Credits


If this is the peak of the market for Vancouver, I'd suggest getting a line of credit behind your mortgage so you can get access to funds whenever you want.  

Odds are there is now a ton of new equity behind your properties that you can get access to for the future. 

There is a 1 month window in where appraisers can use comparables from 2 months ago (highest market value) to determine the value of your property.  

Higher the appraisal, more of a line of credit you can get.    

The above picture shows what math was involved to figure this out :).

Very Interesting Way To Rent a Property


Mortgage Rates Since 1951

I saw this on my facebook feed.  

It's a smart way to price out a property based on the length of stay. 

It was the first time I've seen this and thought anyone with rentals would also like this.  

Here is a link to the screen shot I took:

Random Water Park Walk By


At the end of our visit at Steveston in Richmond, BC, we knew we had to have baby Rob run around and tire out before we drove home.  

As we went into the park, we found out it was a water park.  We did not prepare for this, but we thought what the heck, let's see how he reacts.

His reaction was run through everything 100 miles an hour.  This meant dad, fully clothed ran after him and got soaked.  

Super fun!

Baby Rob New Car Seat


Baby Rob is above the 99% percentile for size.  He is 32 pounds and almost 16 months old. 

Overall he is a big dude.  

This means he has out grown his baby car seat and has to be upgraded to what you see in the picture.  

We thought driving would become easier as he would be entertained by watching the road ahead. 

Turns out, not so much.  He still likes to do his 170 decibel scream..... and we love it!

Asked 86 Burglars how they Broke into Homes


I was doing research on security systems and came across this article.  Very interesting.  Video in link.