HippoDelivery System™

We use the latest in technology to make sure your emails are delivered into the inbox! No more worry about your emails getting blocked by spam filters, the HippoDelivery System™ is a professional system to reach your contacts.

HippoNewsletter Builder™

Scroll through 1000’s of newsletters built by your fellow Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents. When you find an article you like, all you have to do is drag and drop it into your newsletter. Creating content for your newsletter is now super simple.

HippoHello Notifications™

Get real time email notifications when your contacts click on links, watch video, open document or share your newsletter. This lets you see your newsletter in action so that you know who is engaging with your emails and what they’re interested in.

HippoTracking Analytics™

Your newsletter has 9 essential real-time tracked components. HippoContact tracks the history of each of your contacts so that you can get in depth knowledge of how your contacts are interacting with your newsletters over time.

HippoPage Boosters™

When you add a video or PDF to any newsletter a landing page is automatically created with your branding, viral social share buttons, and facebook comments. Just another easy way for you to establish your brand name and engage with your contacts.

HippoSocial Buttons™

Each email you send gives your contacts the power to share your newsletters with their friends and family. If they like a specific article in your newsletter, they can share that too. We made sharing easy and it shows, HippoSocial Buttons have been clicked 1000’s of time inside our customer's newsletter.

HippoContact Collector™

Download our iPhone and Android app to easily collect emails on the fly. We make it easy to grow your list wherever you go. When you meet a new prospect you say, “Mind if I stay in touch with you through my newsletter?” They say yes, you enter their name and email, and your most recent newsletter is sent to them automatically.

HippoContact Import™

Build your database easily by importing your contacts from Gmail™, Linkedin™, Yahoo™, Outlook™, Excel™ and CSV files. Single click imports makes life easy!

HippoContact Cleaner™

Easily update, organize and delete contacts into lists at 700 to 1000 emails an hour. Cleaning an email list has now become easy.

HippoHelper Review™

Every newsletter that is sent out through HippoContact is scanned and reviewed by our HippoHelper Review Team! So if we see areas for improvement, we will message you accordingly with feedback!

Unlimited HippoSupport

Talk to us via email, Facebook Messenger or by phone.

Unlimited Sending

Send as many newsletters as you like. No limit.

Unlimited Contacts

Send to as many contacts as you like.
No limit.

Your First Newsletter Built For You!

To guarantee your success, we will write your first newsletter with you via a free online screen sharing meeting. We have found this to be most successful way to get our members up and running.
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Your Newsletter has 9 Essential Tracked Components

This Allows You To Build Large Detailed Histories On Your Audience

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